Yoga, hypnosis, dance - if any of these inspire you, use them to get you physical. If that's what it takes to start getting you on track, so be it.

Also look around and see if you can gain strength from others in your circle.

You might have a friend who's quit smoking through hypnosis and that might start you thinking, "Maybe I can lose weight by that process? Maybe it'd suit me to do that?". Maybe you should seek that out.

You might have a friend who has great ideas for healthy cuisine, or you might have a friend who wants a 'partner' - so work through the cellulite reduction program together.

Family and friends are a constant source of ideas and strength. They will inspire you and help you when you need them most.


  • Good exercise and good diet should be the heart of your cellulite reduction program,
  • Add to this a sporting interest.
  • Take herbal cellulite reduction tablets too, if you are so inclined. And it doesn't end there
  • New technology and the New Age have a whole new range of other ways to keep you in good condition and in a good frame of mind.


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