• Cellulite is largely a cosmetic problem.
  • It is no respecter of gender, age or status. Men, women, children and celebrities can get it too.
  • Cellulite is a buzz wool at the moment. There's a lot of money to be made out of mirSrle cures, some of which are pretty good when combined with exercise and a good diet.
  • And, cellulite is a problem that you can beat. If you're prepared to do the hard yards - you will beat it for life.


Cellulite is the, accumulation of fat cells which have, become 'trapped' in the collagen and elastin fibres.

Women are little incubators; we come with child bearing equipment so that we can insulate our children. But that's no excuse for cellulite to reach uncontrollable levels.

Cellulite is not necessarily perceived as unattractive. All of Norman Lindsay's models had cellulite. They were always very shapely and they always had stomachs.

"Examining cellulite tissue under a microscope and analysing it chemically using gas chromatography, Professor Sergio Curri established conclusively both from a morphological point of view and from a biochemical one that cellulite tissue differs in many ways from normal fat tissue.

"Structurally or morphologically, only in cellulite is there:

- A leakage of plasma through weakened capillary walls into the spaces between your fat cells.

- A thickening of connective fibre which encapsulates your fat cells. The formation of nodules caused b}' the hardening of collagen.

- A stretching of your capillaries and blood stagnation with poor circulation."

Cellulite: Four Major Stages

  1. Normal - skin on thighs and buttocks is smooth when standing or lying. Pinching produces folding and furrowing but does not pit or bulge.
  2. Early - skin is smooth when standing or lying, but the pinch test reveals bulging and pitting (the mattress phenomenon), therefore some deformation of the skin has taken place.
  3. Medium - skin is smooth when lying, but standing shows signs of pitting and bulging.
  4. Advanced - the 'mattress phenomenon' (what an expression!) is evident when lying down or standing. Flesh can even be painful when not touched


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