Don't stop now!

One thing you must have noticed is the number of people, both fit and not so fit, who are out there walking, jogging, drinking pure juice at juice bars, choosing salads, ordering water, etc. You 1 might not have noticed so much before because you were probably less health conscious, but as you look around you quickly become aware that heaps of people want to enjoy a healthier life: old, young, fit, unfit. You really are not alone!

Some who read this book will be physically big people and some of these will find it daunting to strip down to a t-shirt and pair of lycra tights and exercise on a treadmill with lots of people around.

Others will be sporty types who are confident in fitness centres. What they may find daunting is lessening their intake of fatty food, sugar and alcohol.

Some will devise an energetic house cleaning program, so they rebuild exercise into their daily lives. Others will start walking, stop smoking and start yoga. And a lot of people will read the chapter about herbal capsules and at a cost of approximately $50 every 20 days; they will enjoy the benefits of the cellulite-loss tablets, with or without an accompanying exercise program.


*skin care*