• Strip off naked, check yourself out in the mirror and determine that you will lose that cellulite.
  • List your resources - they will determine your limitations.
  • Set aside one hour in the morning for physical exercise. Spend half your time on heart-lung exercises and half on muscle tone. Don't start with one whole hour - build up to it over a period of four weeks.
  • Explain your intentions to your doctor, who can check you for allergies and give advice on levels of exercise that you should attempt.
  • Purchase a magazine about a sport or physical activity you might pursue. Tennis, golf and martial arts are easy subjects to track down at the news agency, but you'll need a magazine like 'Insight' to find out about Reiki, your local newspaper for school and church-based activities, and 'Irish News' for Celtic dancing.
  • Visit three local fitness centres, find out the type of people who attend, when they attend and what's on offer. Don't subscribe yet. Pay on a user-pays basis until you're sure this is the place for you, then take out a long-term subscription at the advantaged price,

Find out everything you can about interval training. Get into it as soon as possible - but slowly in your first week


*skin care*