'Banning' certain foods and drink is depressing. So eat more of the better food groups. Eat fruit seven times per day. Heap up on vegies and eat them first. You might find that you're too full to eat the red meat!

A sudden change in diet can send your bowels to liquid. Snack on fruit and vegies for starters. Don't gorge on them.

Drink lots of water - especially at parties.

Stop comparing things to steak and French Fries. You're free now. You can throw out all your old conventional cookbooks! You are now free to think 'outside the square' and treat Western cooking as just another cuisine option. Purchase a cookbook with recipes from another culture - with healthy tastes and ideas that are all new to you. Frequent restaurants which are known for a healthy alternative.

Break the news to your partner: you want regular massage!

The Scanning Stage (I Can)

Strip off again and take another look in the mirror. If you've been faithfully exercising one hour per day for the first two weeks - you will see results. If you've been mindful of your diet, you will see more results. And if you have also been taking herbal capsules, results could be even better still!

Let your mind scan over the past 14 days, thinking about the things you did not enjoy. Maybe you didn't enjoy that fitness centre and would like to switch to another, maybe the hypnosis was a waste of time, maybe the herbal tablets are too costly, maybe you hate golf. Eliminate those things,

Let your mind also review the things you enjoyed very much - perhaps unexpectedly. Maybe those New Age books got you thinking about other aspects of personal development, maybe the daily exercise made you feel great, maybe you love basketball, maybe you've suddenly got a 'thing' for sushi bars. Use these to replace the activities and foods you disliked. How is your garden going? How is your window box looking? How is your vegie salad garden? How about joining a bush regeneration program in your shire?

  • should be really pumping in your interval training sessions now. Work hard, it's going to be worth it.
  • Use affirmations to strengthen you on your journey. This is the affirmation that marathon runner Heather Turland made before she went on to win Gold at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Maybe it will work for you, to strengthen your resolve when you need it:" I am strong. I am prepared to feel the pain. I am fresh. I have my life together. I am relaxed and ready to endure this journey. I can and I will."


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