• You'll know by now which of your new habits lasted the distance, and your friendship commitments will begin to mean something. You will start to meet new people - on your walks, at the fitness centre, wherever you go. Conviction is catching, and when you share it you will draw energy from each other.
  • You will also know which professionals you like to deal with on a long term basis - the fitness instructor, the yoga teacher, the hypnotist, etc, and even people behind the counter at the health food shop. The better they know you, the better their advice.
  • Just as you are clanning with new people in your life, you are also bonding with new habits. Enjoy that aspect of your development too

The Spanning Stage

  • The fifth week spans the transition from you passing from someone who was once unfit, into someone who is now quite fit. If you've been faithful, your current performance is now your benchmark. It indicates what you can attain when reasonably fit.
  • Keep working on interval training - those short bursts push you to new heights, and push the cellulite out of the fat cells.
  • Suddenly you notice that physical things are less daunting. You need no longer cringe when challenged to a game of tennis. Your heart-lung exercises mean that you will never again be the first person out of breath. How's your self-confidence now?
  • Make exercise and good eating part of your new lifestyle. You'll live longer, feel better and it's worth it. Consider what these past five weeks have given you in terms of your health.


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