Cellulite reduction is really only the beginning, a stepping stone to a different lifestyle that will help you in every other health aspect that you may face.

My cellulite reduction exercise program can help if you haven't had children, it can help you after your child bearing years to get you back into the nick that you were in before, and it can help when you're elderly to stay spritely. I certainly don't want a body that's like a rusted out piece of machinery!

So having a problem with cellulite might be doing you a favour - motivating you into exercising and giving a healthier life.

Enjoy yourself without being too radical, enjoy yourself in the company of others and maybe you will find you won't like the things you used to like.

Nutritional Supplements

Two products I take as nutritional supplements are:

  • Juice Plus, which provides me with a natural balance and whole food nutrition from a variety of nutritiously dense fruits and vegetables. It is simply fruits and vegies processed in capsule form with the fibre, sugar and water taken out. The intake of a pure product like this raises the antioxidant levels in blood plasma.
  • Reliv Now, a vitamin, mineral and herb supplement which comes in powdered form. Over many years I have tried and sampled many supplement varieties and this has easily-been the best for my needs. Reliv Now helps my digestive system and gives me a real energy lift for the day. . .


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