I believe in positive thoughts and positive ways of going about whatever you need to address in your life. Depression is real and if you find yourself slumping into that feeling for whatever reason (financial, emotional, bereavement) you've got to look for something positive to help you get out of that state.

The loss of a life in the family affects you so much. I lost my mother recently at 75 and I thought, the best way to handle this - because she's taught us the best things we know - is to aspire to the good things in her life. She was a very spritely 75 years old. -Although she had quality of life, it was young - I thought - for Mum to go.

I think you should look for the positives in that life to make yourself a better person. If there's something you need to address in your life, whether it's an overweight, underweight or cellulite problem, address it in a positive manner. Keep going forward, and if you reach a plateau, seek a way off that plateau. But don't worry about it too much.

The world isn't going to cave in because you've gone back on what you intended.

Pretend it didn't happen and get back onto your program. Just don't give up.


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