Most of you are not looking for a cover-up solution.

Most of you are probably curious about the possibility of getting rid of cellulite quickly, efficiently and forever. I bet you're even curious about your own level of commitment and self-restraint.

How's your track record at achieving your goals?

  • Are you a strong person in your place of work?
  • Are you strong in the home?
  • Are you strong about quitting things you've said you'd quit, and doing the things you've said, you'd do?

The strength of character shown in the past will be on a par with the strength you will show in modifying your current behavior.

Face yourself when you set your goals.

Nothing Too Dramatic!

Just before we get too serious about writing down goals, remember that it is important that you have fun along the way, because if you don't have fun it all becomes a chore. And if something becomes a chore, it gets quickly eliminated. Ah yes, the 'Elimination Principle', that old rule of human behaviour which has eroded past good intentions and resolutions!

Start slow and grow into your commitment - rather than shocking both your body and your friends by sudden dramatic changes.


*skin care*

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