We all want things - although only some of us actually get what we want.

People who get what they want are called 'achievers' and 'go-getters' - but those who do achieve understand that it was no big deal. Like going for a drive, you get a good map, pursue it and you'll reach your destination. Achievements are exactly like that.

In this instance your 'destination' is to lose cellulite, but the mind must first perceive before the body will achieve. The mind, therefore has to answer the fundamental question which is, 'How badly do you want this?' Let's be honest now:

  • Do you want only the easy route and the miracle cure?
  • Do you want to see how things work out before making a full commitment?
  • Or, do you really want to persist with your program until you win for life?


There's nothing wrong with any opt tort but it's good to understand your real motives before you start. Some people who read this book will be content to do no more than eat herbal tablets while persisting with their current eating habits and no exercise program. And there's nothing wrong with that, if it's a logical decision, not a character weakness.

Some people who have done no more than eat cellulite-loss tablets swear they have had reasonable results, and I am pleased for them.

However, I see it another way. I see those tablet purchases as an expensive way to cover-up, rather than fix, a significant problem. But if you've told yourself at the planning stage: "I'm only interested in the Band-Aid solution, thanks", then that admission will probably save you a subscription to a fitness centre or a yoga course that deep down you never planned to attend.

You don't need to know the truth about cellulite, if all you want is a herbal remedy - or even a surgical solution.


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