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Date: September 5th, 2004

Private Communication from Tim Bolen...

Sunday, September 5th, 2004

I've a suggestion I want to pass by you, and I want your input.

Most of you know me, already, from my "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter."  I'm sure you've noticed, in that newsletter, three things (1) I do not withhold my scorn for those (the "quackbusters") who attack YOU and your choice of health care offerings, and (2)  I'm obviously involved, somehow, in the cases, or issues, I talk about.  (3)  I'm not the least bit timid about pressing to get problems solved.

It is important, at this point, to clear up a few points.

My newsletter, the "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter," started out as a communication device, with a few thousand people, around the world, who supported "Alternative medicine."  Now it has grown to have over two hundred thousand readers, worldwide, and it has become, in itself, a force to reckon with.

What is important here, to recognize, is that my newsletter is separate from my business - that of being a "Crisis Management Consultant" in the health care industry.  My business card says "JuriMed - Public Relations & Research Group."  Below the title it says "Strategies for Government Besieged Health Professionals."

I've been in one form of "crisis management" or another, since 1966.  I'm a strategist, and tactician.  Like Dwight David Eisenhower organizing and executing "D-Day," and the successive campaign to take back Europe, my business is organizing, and executing, campaigns.  Like Eisenhower, I play to win.

At the start of my newsletter, I analyzed that the health freedom movement in North America was always fighting new battles, one after another, always against the same enemy, and always on "defense."  It occurred to me that each battle group only marginally communicated with any of the others, and that winning tactics, and strategies, were, for the most part, not communicated to the next group.  Right away, in the newsletter, I started detailing the "victories" to my readers. 

Note that early on, I got a copy of the "quackbuster's" e-mailing list, and added them to my broadcast list - so that their rank-and-file would know, too, how badly they're being beaten, and humiliated.

You can imagine how they shriek when I do that...

Frankly, also, the newsletter became a great advertisement device for my own business, for my days are filled with requests, a good many of which lead to new clients.

But, more important, was the fact that there were those of you in the Advanced Medicine Industry who began to talk to me in the hallways of meetings and conventions - pointing me at the specifics of the problems surrounding the war between "health" and "medicine."  You, who did that, helped me understand the issues, and gave me focus. 

The Eleazar Kadile MD case in Wisconsin, was a turning point in the way I operate, for it was there, in that battle,  that a "national strategy"  to deal with these kinds of cases, was developed - by many of you on this mailing list.  In the Kadile case, the opposition proceeded with arrogance, when they provided as the "do-all, be-all witness against alternative medicine" in general, and chelation therapy, specifically, the low quality witness named Robert S. Baratz MD DDS, PhD - the current president of the mega-floundering National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).  A trap was set, and then sprung on Baratz, over his qualifications, credentials, and credibility to testify - after it was too late to bring in another witness. 

Then, of course, I broadcast Baratz's humiliation worldwide.  Baratz, and in fact NO OTHER top quackbuster since then, has been hired to testify ANYWHERE.  The tactic here was to break up the opposition's "expert witness" method of attacking your kind of health care.  It worked.

The "quackbuster" operation, these days, is being run out of a New York ad agency.  Just accept that statement for now.  I'm not naming the agency publicly, for I don't want to get embroiled in more litigation over that issue, just yet.  But they know I know, and they know I know they know.  They've changed their methodology since I exposed how they do things.  They know I want them federally indicted - and they know I'm gathering evidence - and that there are many representatives of government agencies on my newsletter lists.

But, here is the point of this communication...

It is time for your industry, the Advanced Medicine Industry, to embrace, and formalize the next step.  You need to formalize a national strategy committee that looks ONLY at the issues of the industry as a whole, and makes decisions about those issues, and executes plans.  Looking back at the Kadile case - we can see good reason for an industry strategy team.  The strategy, and tactics employed there worked, not just there, but for the future.

A national strategy committee could pick and choose battlegrounds.  For instance, a second battle I'm recommending support for is the Robban Sica MD chelation case in Connecticut, for winning it, according to the designed battle plan, would eliminate several more of the New York ad agency's tools used against you - nationwide, for a decision in a Federal Court of Appeals has nationwide impact - and that's where this case is going.  I won't go into the details of how, and why, here, because I'm going to do a general broadcast on the legal argument very soon.

I'm going to make a suggestion here.  Formalize a council similar to what the dairy or meat, or roofing, etc.,  industries have.  Separate it from ACAM, AAEM, ICIM, etc., and focus it on issues facing the Advanced Medicine Industry.  Duplicate, for instance, the function of the Dairy Council to the dairy industry - the Advanced Medicine Council to the Advanced Medicine Industry.  I'll help you organize it.

I use the word "formalize" because there already is an informal group operating nationwide.  Obviously, I'm part of it.  Several of you, on this list, are already in it, and contributing.  Thank you...

Specifically, I'm going to suggest that the nucleus of this group start to be formed in the hallways of the ICIM conference in Atlanta for the FALL MEETING OCTOBER 8-10, 2004.  I'll be there, so will most of you.

What I'm suggesting is that ACAM, ICIM, AAEM, etc., define what role each of them should have in the industry, and make sure that those missions complement, not compete, with each other.  Right at the moment, because of my relationship with them, I see ICIM in the political role - just because that HAS BEEN their focus.

My friend Burton Goldberg, from Alternative Medicine Magazine called me a few weeks ago and we talked at length about the need for such a group.  He is willing to lend his considerable skills, and resources, to its formation.  So too, I know, will Jonathan Collin and his Townsend Letter.  Bill Faloon, from the Life Extension Foundation, is on board - as are many other industry leaders.  Attorneys Carlos Negrete, Ralph Fucetola, and Jim Turner are already talking about it.

It's time...

I want ALL of you to show up for the ICIM conference.  Be aware that I, and others, will be looking for money to back Robban Sica's battle in Connecticut.  Bring your checkbook - I'm very persuasive.  She is doing this not only for herself, but for YOU...  She shouldn't have to finance this project on her own.


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