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This website is about health fraud, and the horrible effect it is having on North Americans.  

We're going to make you angry with this information. Because HEALTH FRAUD is the BIGGEST problem facing North Americans.  Our medical system is broken. More Americans unnecessarily die each year from our conventional medical system (783,936) than from ANY other cause - and, it costs us $282 billion per year, for that.  Nothing is being done about it.

We're going to explain the problems, and tell you how to do something about them. YOU can have an effect.

In the left hand column of this web page you'll find a statement "Health Fraud in North America is four things: (1) That defined, and prosecuted, by the Office of the Attorney General of the United States.  (2) The suppression of NEW OFFERINGS in health care. (3)  Our US health System is the #1 Killer of Americans (4) Health Scams perpetrated on the public."

What becomes obvious obvious, after a while, is that all of these problems are related.  They are all different faces of the same broken and corrupt system.

When you click on any of those titles, you'll be taken, each time, to a different page that begins a story known to a good many hard working Americans - those that are in the fight to STOP real health fraud and severely punish the perpetrators.

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate