The Suppression of New Offerings in Health Care

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

If the American (allopathic) Medical System were in charge of our computer industry, we’d all still be using #2 pencils, and we’d have to get a license to use an eraser.  It's that bad.  The medical system is a brutal monopoly, restricting, through a series of maneuvers, Americans to fourth rate health care options - a maintenance of the status quo. There is a conspiracy to keep this faulty system in place - it's all about money.  Lots of money.

Contributing to the problem is that health, for some reason, has gotten itself regulated by the government,  And, that IS NOT a good thing.  Hoards of bureaucrats search endlessly for one more reason to increase their department size, feather their nest, by inventing and implementing new rules and restrictions, at the expense of the health of the American people.  There is nothing like a government agency to screw up a good thing.

Not only is the status quo American medical system the #1 killer of Americans, but it also seeks out, and kills, or tries to kill, those trying to revise the system, and solve the problems.  It especially goes after those health leaders who dare to suggest innovation in health care, new health paradigms, new ways of thinking, new approaches to mankind's illnesses and their causes.

From this page I'm going to send you to several websites, some of which are my own, or are tied to me..  I'll tell you about those first, for I have personal knowledge of their purpose.  All of the websites I'll send you to from this page are tied into what I call "The North American Health Freedom Movement," or it's opposition, a sleazy group self-styling itself as "the quackbusters," those who delight in the suffering and death of Americans.

The first website is called  Strange name?  Yes, but with good reason.  The quackbuster's "bible" is a website called, and although snide, poorly written, hateful, and boringly repetitive, it slaps North America's most innovative health professionals with the derisive title of "quack," purely on the say-so of the site's author, one Stephen Barrett MD, a man who hasn't been licensed to practice medicine since 1993.  Records show that, even when he did actually have a license, Barrett never held a full-time job.  Indeed, if you're looking for EXCELLENT health care, go to Barrett's website - and if he's against it - it probably is SUPERB health care.  The more he's against it - the better it probably is.

Another weird quackbuster website is  The NCAHF, the self-styled National Council Against Health Fraud, is a non-profit organization formed several years ago in California, first housed at, but then evicted from, Loma Linda University.  It now is operated out of its current president, Robert S. Baratz's, hair removal and ear piercing salon in Braintree, Massachusetts.

In Canada, there is huge lawsuit against the two quackbusters mentioned above, that pretty much sums up what the health freedom movement thinks of Barrett and Baratz.  The suit says:

The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners and businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.

Barrett and Baratz have falsely and fraudulently held themselves out as experts in the scientific fields of alternative complementary medicine.

Barrett uses predatory and deceptive practices designed to cause harm and damage to supporters and providers of alternative health services and products.

Both Stephen Barrett and Robert Baratz are vexatious litigants who use the court system to advance their agendas and the agendas of their privately owned businesses, which promote allopathic medicine, and discredit any health care treatment or product that is considered complementary or alternative treatment.

NCAHF is the acronym for National Council against Health Fraud. The NCAHF is a front organization used by Barrett, Baratz and their other associates whose purpose is to solicit jobs so that they can act as expert witnesses against doctors who practice alternative and complementary treatment methods.

Barrett operates numerous web sites including,, and . The sole purpose of these web sites is to discredit health care professionals who practice alternative and complementary medicine. These web sites discredit complementary medicine and encourage people to report doctors who practice alternative medicine, thus providing Barrett , Baratz and their associates with a constant stream of potential cases that can be prosecuted thus providing them with opportunities to act as expert witnesses on behalf of NCAHF, their privately owned company.


I call the quackbusters "quackpots," hence the name This website is the archive for the Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter, which details the WAR between the "The North American Health Freedom Movement," and it's opposition, "the quackbusters." 

The second website I'm going to send you to is called It's about one 75 year old "cutting-edge" independent research scientist named Hulda Regehr Clark PhD.  Clark, whose radical theories and ideas, frankly, scare the crap out of the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, is THE MOST ATTACKED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHER ON PLANET EARTH. 

Clark's books are so scary to the "status quo," that I'm surprised she hasn't been gunned down in the street.  For, Clark talks about the "Cause" of diseases, and suggests that simply removing that "Cause" sends the patient on the road to recovery.  She says that removing the "Cause" is actually the "cure" for all diseases, including cancer, AIDS, etc.  She's written four shocking books battering the the American (allopathic) Medical System, and the cancer industry's approach to cancer.

Clark points out what the "status quo" simply doesn't want anyone to know - that the current medical system is a hoax and a fraud.  There hasn't been an official "cure" for anything in North America since polio - and that happened in 1954.  The system is all about endless, expensive "treatment." of symptoms - until your health insurance claims limit runs out.

The third website I'm going to send you to is called You'll be shocked at the article's this website's editor, Owen Fonorow, gathers from world news.  Leafing through the articles on this site will make you wonder how Americans have been able to survive, at all, healthwise, under constant assault from greedy Big Pharma.

The fourth website I'm going to send you to is called  It's about the worldwide battle.

The International Advocates for Health Freedom is a catalytic entity designed to foster networking between health freedom activists world wide in order to foster opposition to the elements of coercion: the UN's International Council of Drug Regulating Authorities, and all regulating bodies falling under its auspices including the FDA, TGA, HPB, MCA, MCC etc.

The founder of IAHF, John Hammell, has been fighting professionally for health freedom for 10 years, and first got involved with alternative medicine after recovering from a life threatening illness in 1980 via a suppressed alternative treatment mode (orthomolecular medicine) after mainstream methods almost killed him.

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate